Can't get Inline Rel / List working with Glide Table

Hi! I am struggling with making a relationship… (in Glide)

The app is

I have one form - Event - and users click on ‘Register’ to record they attended. This adds a ROW to a GLIDE Table “Registration”.

In the Event form, when people are looking at it, I would like an Inline List component so that users can see who has registered.

BUT the component shows:

  1. blank entries if I select any of the Rel columns in the Event sheet
  2. blank totally if I select the Register Glide Table
  3. BUT all entries nicely if I select data from the User, Event, or other sheets.

So I am stuck! The video shows what I am trying and how I have set things up. I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks! Mark

I think you need to create a multi-relation from your Event table to your Register table, using event-id as the key, and then use that as the source of your inline list. Give that a try.

Thanks, Darren - I tried…

screenshot #1 - mutli-rel column added in Event table to Registry, key event-ID - done
Screenshot #2 - inline list component - it displays the new column as available… but no data appears still

:frowning: any other ideas! and thanks for your help!

You have row owners on you Registration ID column in your register sheet. It doesn’t contain email addresses so no user’s email will match up. That’s why you don’t see anything. Why do you have row owners enabled on that column?


Brilliant - thanks @Jeff_Hager. I had been playing with Row Owners a day earlier, without knowing how they worked. I removed them from the sheets after I realized that it had a very special meaning, but not from this table. And all working now - my app can go live! Many thanks :slight_smile: