Join Relation Column

I am looking for a way to join 2 relation columns into a third column.
I need the 3rd joined column to contain only data that appears in both relation columns.
Any ideas how?
Thanks a lot

Could you use a template field to populate data from the other two relation fields?

I want to present the column in an inline list, so I think it is not what I am looking for.
Am I wrong?

Could you create your first relation to the first sheet, then create a lookup column grabs a value, from the first sheet, that you then use for the second relation to the second sheet? Maybe do the same in reverse as well. Then display inline lists for each of the final two relations.

Thanks, I am trying to understand how will that help me?
I want to make a filter, something like, that has multiple filtering options.
Different than what you did in the amazing “Concepts”, my multiple filters stand alone.
The best way to implement it would be to do a relation column for each filter, and then one column that will unite all the data that appears in all the filtered columns. I was surprised to see it is not an easy thing to do…

So each relation is to the same sheet? I was understanding it as 2 similar relations to separate sheets, but with the same column used for each relation.

Anyhow, what I would do is create columns in the sheet used for your list. These could either be Single Value columns or Relation/Lookup columns that will bring in your filter criteria into your listing sheet. Then create IF/THEN columns then check each filter criteria. Finally create a final IF THEN column then checks if all other conditions are true and returns a final true or false value that you can use to filter your list.

In the end you’ll only need a single relation, but the true false values in the related listing sheet will determine how you filter that list, based on your filter selections.

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Great idea! Thanks!

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