Use relations > column as source to an if/then/else case

In order to do conditional checks between values in one sheet and the values in a different sheet, I have to create lookups for every check. It would be EXPONENTIALLY more convenient to select the value from the relation.

Here’s what I mean:

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Definitely +1!

I finding that I’m endlessly replicating columns from one sheet to another via lookups.
Being able to reference and use the values directly through a relation would be awesome.


Right? Same for a math/template column, etc.

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A question that has nothing to do with this topic. Sorry. Can you tell me what software do you use for your simultaneous screen and camera capture?

Typically Loom for quick vids that need sharing instantly. Otherwise, I use Screenflow for my more polished YouTube videos.


Thanks Master

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Bumping this feature request because I just ran into the situation again over the weekend and it would’ve been so much faster to include columns found through relations within an if then.