New glide sheet where I can use “if then”with old sheet

My table where I’m temporarily holding my custom form’s value is getting cluttered and disorganized.

I need to grey out the submit button at the bottom by doing if else checks throughout the form.

I’d like to create a new sheet to make it a bit more organized. I would simply do if such and such field is empty, then false. Then have my submit button visible if those variables are all true.

But for my if else statements I want to reference another sheet. If I create a relation, I can connect those things in the builder. But is there any way to access those variables in my if then columns?

If you have a single relation, you can use lookup columns to fetch any column values that you need from the related table.

Thanks. That’s what I started doing. It is a bit counterintuitive as I am basically just rebuilding a big part of the old table. My old table is getting very hard to scroll through though.

I guess another question would be, to link both tables, I would take the email address or the row Id in the user column. But how do I make it so that their email/row id appears in that new table every time someone creates a new account.

Is there a field that will pull whoever’s email into that form? Or make it so that this column is the user’s email (non editable column)?

I was thinking maybe pulling in a single variable and take it from the user table.

If you are using a table as a working table for a custom form, you shouldn’t need to have more than one row. You only need a single row with user specific columns to temporarily hold values for each user. You wouldn’t need a separate row for each user.

Jeff is correct, but just for future reference…

You can use a Template column for this.


So my temporary form does use only one user specific row. So will the table that does all the logic. But I need a relation to it so that I can do the lookups no? That’s why I would be adding the email/userid.

Should I technically just be doing these checks in that temporary form table to avoid slowdowns and unnecessary lookups and table connections? The row is getting very hard to scroll through. It would just be to keep things tidy and easier to visually problem solve down the road

You could use anything to create a relation as long as it’s a matching value. It could be something as simple as the letter ‘X’. Might be simpler than using an email.

Do you know about Column Grouping?