Lookup data from another row in the same sheet

I’m trying to figure out how to connect data between two rows in the same sheet and it’s not going well – relations (if they’re even the right tool for the job) are making my head spin.

My use case is that I’m making a personal to-do list for my daily recurring tasks. There are some tasks that depend on others. For example, I can’t run the dishwasher until I’ve loaded it. In my big task table that lists all my tasks, I want to reference the “load the dishwasher” row in the “run the dishwasher” row. The goal is to have an if/then column for “can I do this task yet?” that displays True if the prerequisite task is done, and False if it isn’t. Then, I’d be able to filter out tasks that I can’t do yet from the inline checklists on the user-facing side of my app.

I’ve made a column where the prerequisite (if relevant) for each task is listed. I made a relation column to identify the matching row for that prereq task. What I can’t figure out is how to pull a specific value from that related row.

As long as your relation is a single relation, you should be able to use a lookup column.

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I figured it out, thank you! I didn’t notice the relation column listed in the lookup column drop-down alongside the list of tables. I was going to task table > relation column instead of relation column > task completion. It is a bit confusing that the one relation column can be selected two ways, and only one of those ways works.