How to make an app like Zillow with advanced filtering

Hey everyone! I’m starting a no code tutorial site called No Code MBA, initially focused on Glide, giving step by step instructions on how to build apps without code.

The first tutorial I created is a real estate app like Zillow using Glide. The tutorial has 8 lessons (about 2.5 hours of content). You can access the tutorial for free at

The tutorial includes:

  1. Advanced filtering to view homes
  2. User onboarding
  3. A “favorites” tab for homes

If you are interested in this tutorial and you go through it, I would love feedback on anything that was confusing or anything you’d like added so I can improve future tutorials. I would also love to hear what other apps you’d like to see tutorials for.


Nicely done.

Thanks @Robert_Petitto!

I’ll have to spend some more time on the tutorial (only looked at it real briefly), but the advance filtering always alluded me. I was trying to figure out the same thing for someone else, but I approached it by trying to build the relations from the user choice sheet to the listing sheet. Reversing it and building the relation from the Listing sheet to the user choice sheet makes much more sense. Thank you for this!

SETH!!! This is amazing. Very well done and it looks like you solved the filtering issue I’ve been struggling with as well. I signed up to hear more from you, really excited to see the other tutorials you make.

What are you using to make your screen recordings? Love that you can include your face and that it’s movable.

Yes! This is exactly what I did in this app for a client:

Choice component on the user page:
Glide · Create Apps from Google Sheets (8)


It’s also how I get my Meet with Me app to work.


Awesome, glad this was helpful! It definitely stumped me for a while too. Let me know if anything is confusing if you go through the tutorial on filtering.

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. Any tutorials or features you’ve been wanting to build in particular I could highlight in a new video?

I’m using - it’s amazing

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Do you have any ideas on how to make your advanced filtering work with not all the options as required? So say if you don’t select any bedrooms, it just shows you all bedrooms? I figure if you could make an if statement that just prints signed in user on all listings if the bedrooms field is blank, that would do it…but can’t seem to find a way to make that happen within glide. Tried it in excel and while it worked, it was a little slow to update.

Yeah…I had that exact same issue when building out the filtering. It would definitely be more ideal to make the default be “ALL bedrooms”, or even select multiple bedroom options (2 OR 3 bedrooms). I haven’t been able to figure out a way to do it in Glide yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to figure that out and add it in. Let me know if you make any breakthroughs as welll :slight_smile:

Haha, I’m already making concessions with my app. My issue is that I have tons of potential options, but you wouldn’t want to have to search by all of them. Think I am just going to pick a few specific ones and leave the search field open so you can have one more chance to narrow things down.

I will say maybe an app that deals with list creation? I have a few instances of apps like this, but one example is a camera package builder where I select a bunch of kits and then it uses query in sheets to create a master list with some other pertinent info on there. Have never been able to make a multiple user version of this, but I feel like any sort of list creation could be a good area to explore in.

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Love the advanced filtering and the simplicity of your tutorial. I have one doubt. Is this possible with a public app?

Thank you!! You could do similar filtering in a public app, but you would have to set it up so the app changes for everyone whenever one person makes a filtering change (there would be no concept of a “user”, so you couldn’t have the app filters different for each user). Hope that makes sense.

Yeah I understand that. I was wondering if something could be done using the Row IDs and user-specific columns for the choices.

Nicely done.

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It’s great, definitively, I also used advanced filtering (several choice components) to allow app owners to manage the way their contents is displayed (list, compact list, different arrangement and forms ogbmmf tiles, cards, and so on). This is very useful. And this way, no need to link these filters to each app users (in my case).

But it remains a pain point, with is true at least in my country : apps must be public and include a way to authenticate users. App for which you must connect first does not work, it prevents new users to access the app and discover its contents. In the case of an app similar to Zillow, it would not work in France, first because of rgpd and Co, then because if you are searching for a new house to buy, you will use all of the numerous web sites or (public) apps existing.

Session oriented filters will be a way to remove this authentication constraint, until a public AND authenticate mode is made available for Glide apps.

This is great, nicely explained! I will be borrowing your advanced filters tricks :slight_smile:

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Are you having to manually input each home’s information from Zillow? If I am a realtor and pay for mls idx is their an easier way to do it without me manually having to update each property everytime one hits the market?

That’s a great question. There might be a way with Zapier to automatically pull in home information from IDX which would be very cool. I also just came across this tool I haven’t used it before, but it looks like it might allow you to automatically pull in data from Zillow or idx, so I would look into that as well