Pricing Appraisal/Sale History App

Hello All,

I am needing to build an app similar to Truck Paper. Essentially what our app is for is to pull up the history of all the pieces we have sold in our virtual auctions so we can give accurate appraisals to new clients on what they will sell for in our auction.

My main concerns with building this in Glide are the capabilities on filters (between categories or selecting a certain Make and model) and ordering (highest price to lowest) are these possible? Also, the capabilities of being able to handle thousands of pieces with information, descriptions, pricing, and images. Will all of this info loading each time create lagging and crashing?

Thank you in advance! You guys are always quick to help!

Take a look at this post.

Filtering issue: when i select ‘vegan’ also show me ‘vegan, high protein’

If you were to create a few categories for each item, users could select multiple categories in the filter plus search to see the item they need. As far as lag, as long as your spreadsheet isn’t executing too many calculations with queries and vlookups, it should run smoothly.

Multiple filters, like you want are kind of tough at the moment. I have a simple example with the Dynamic List Filter in Anything beyond a couple of filters, like vehicle type or especially price ranges would be a lot of work. Hopefully glide will give us the ability to filter relations based on other column values someday. I made an attempt to do something similar with a real estate example, but I wasn’t having any luck with what’s currently available.

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