How to make an app like Zillow with advanced filtering

Hi Seth,
II have been attemptiing to build a directory website in Wordpress with many different themes on and off for over 3 years. Each theme just became so restrictive after a few weeks/months of working on it and I always gave up.

I cam across Glide today and it really piqued my interest. Then I see this post and voila!!!

You may be my saviour.

I will go through your lessons tmro and I’ll let you know how i get on.

Thanks so much for creating the tutorials and sharing them.

You rock!!

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Hey Aidan, awesome!! Let me know if you have any questions!

Just finished your tutorial, Seth. Amazing work. Thanks so much.

I have a few questions if you don’t mind?

  1. How can you get real estate agents. or homeowners to upload and manage their own listings?

Just wondering how this would scale without you having to input and manage all the listings?

  1. Does Glide provide the options to monetise this app?
    e.g. Paid listings, ads etc?

Thanks so much,


Thanks so much Aidan! I’m glad it was helpful.

One way to get real estate agents to manage / upload their own listings is to create a 2nd app that uses the same spreadsheet and have that be the “agent” app. In that app, agents could upload their homes (through a form button) that goes to the homes sheet. They could also have the ability to edit their own listings that way. Eventually I will add a section to my tutorial that includes this, but hopefully this makes sense and you would be able to build this out.

You definitely could do paid listings. Glide has the ability to accept stripe payments. In the agent app, one option would be to allow them to pay for a promoted listing, and you could have logic that pushes those homes to the top of the listings. You could do something similar with ads I think. Hope that’s helpful!

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Amazing, well done!

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Thanks Andres!!

Thanks Seth! This is great. Unfortunately I got stuck in Section 3 under the formula when trying to concatenate the Full Address. Got a #REF! Error Array result was not expanded because it would overwrite data in W3.

Am I missing something?

That means you have something in the column below the formula. Make sure the entire column is empty.

Thanks Jeff. I deleted everything under that column and still have the error.

It’s selecting the appropriate columns to concatenate but something else is causing the error…

I even deleted the Full Address column (W) and created a new one to ensure that there’s nothing under that column but same error

Here’s the screenshot of the #REF! error

I think you are trying to put the formula in W2. It should be in W1, since the formula also contains the heading. It’s trying to write the heading in the second row, and then perform the array formula on the rest, but at that point everything is offset and it’s trying to infinitely write the previous row data on the current row instead of the current row data on the current row.


You’re genius! Thank you!!!


Thanks for finding the solution Jeff!

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Thanks Seth. I must of missed that detail in your video tutorial.

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I think this is going to help me become more advanced with Glide. I’m excited! I will be sure to give you feedback. Thanks for offering this.

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I just started with the first video where you’re showing how to set up the Google Sheet. A link to your Sheet that I could copy would be super helpful. Have you considered?

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Awesome! Yeah for sure - I may enable that in the future to make it easier to clone the app.

Maybe even better (for you) could be for you to publish this as a Glide Template for $5-15 and have people buy it if they want an easy way to follow along with your tutorials. Maybe that’s what you already have planned?


Yeah, definitely a good potential option! I’m still deciding on the best way to potentially monetize, but I do think charging for templates could make sense.