Building a real estate app and struggle with filters!


I like glide apps and I am planing to go pro soon. I am struggling now adding what I called it a “Skelton feature” for my real estate app, which is about searching, filtering and the ability of my clients to find the properties that suite them.

Here the issues I am facing:

1- Adding Filters:
Can I do like this?
Glide providing very simple filter! I need to filter (min and max price) and other filters.

2- Properties Prices instead of the maps pins!
How I can display the prices in the place of the places pins?

3- when the client click on the map pins, he will see the following (see the picture):
I want to change the details of the pins

Thanks for the great job you are doing, and Looking to hear from you very soon,


Still waiting for your feedback :smile:

  1. Not really, but here’s an example of something I made that’s close (Age/Name Filter tab):

  2. Not a feature in Glide, yet.

  3. Should just be an image component as part of the Maps layout.

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Thanks Robert for your contributing in the this post.

Building your own more robust filters is somewhat possible, but with some limitations and a lot of difficulty.

First of all, the filter values would need to be saved to the sheet, for each user (there is a future feature that I hope would eliminate having to have separate rows for each user).

Second, 1 or 2 filters can be pretty straight forward. The Dynamic List Filter in is my version of filtering, which is only 2 filters, but involves 2 multiple inline list maps and visibility to control which map shows based on if the user selected only a Region, or a Region and a Division. Trying to incorporate ranges (like minimum and maximum prices) really complicates things.

I honestly spent a few hours trying to figure something out for you, but I got stuck. I think there is a way, but you would have to build out every single valid filter combination into array columns on the properties sheet, that could be used to set up a relation between the user’s filter selections and the possible selections that fit into each home. That could lead to hundreds or thousands of additional columns, which doesn’t seem efficient and probably cause some sort of issue.

You could do all kinds of stuff using these filter values in the google sheet with queries, but you would have some lag and it would probably use a lot of rows.

I think this would ultimately take some additional features from Glide to get it to work. Hopefully you or somebody else can come up with a good idea.

I also have a Real Estate Search button at the bottom of This was my attempt at coming up with an example, but right now it doesn’t really do anything. I left it there if it can give you any ideas.

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You might want to peek at AwesomeTable. It’s not free (anymore) and their layouts on mobile are horrendous, but they do offer the filtering you’re looking for.

@Mark et. al…maybe have something like this in the future as a way to filter numbers? Before Glide came along, AwesomeTable was my jam.


We’ll get there.

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I believe it!!! :black_heart:

Thanks Jeff for your great contribution, Let’s we see what we can do for this issue.

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Thanks Robert.

Hi, any updates?

Here is a tutorial that may help you out.

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