More than one button on a tab?

I’m creating a “home page” which is the first tab/list. It has several articles on it, each with a button that goes to a different tab (These tabs are hidden). When I set which sheet the button should link to, it changes ALL of the buttons in the app. Can different buttons link to different things?

I’m not quite following how you have your app set up. Is it a list style view where you select an article and it opens up to a detail style view and that’s where you have your button?

Since I can only link one screenshot per post, here is the first. This is the main screen where you can select the session (which has multiple workshops).

When you select a session (in this case, session 1) there is the button. The button leads to a hidden tab listing all the workshops in session 1

This is the hidden tab the button is supposed to take you to

Here you can see the button options. Whenever I change one button, all the rest change as well.

Layouts are tied to sheets, so if you change anything on one of your session detail pages, it will change for all of them since all rows are on the same sheet. There’s a lot of ways to approach this, but if you want to stick with your existing setup, I would explore the Visibility function. Add a button for each sheet on the same page, but then control the visibility. So, you can set up the visibility to check if the session title is ‘Session 1’, then show the session 1 button and so on.

Finally! Thank you! That’s what I needed to do

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