I want to replace the icons by images, Can I reuse the tabs?

I want to change my home adding image instead of tabs in the bottom of the screen, as the attached image:

But It seems I need to design all the tabs from the beginning.

Is there any way to reuse the tabs I’ve designed?

Thanks you!!

Unfortunately no. It’s kind of a feature to let you have different designs between tabs and link to screen buttons or images. There isn’t currently a way to reuse a tab layout as a link to screen layout. Layouts can be unique at the top level of a tab or link to screen. Any level below that, such as a detail view from within a list, will always use the layout that’s attached to the sheet.

Ok, thaks a lot.
I will re-design the complet app because I love the home with no tabs you showed in the web: https://docs.glideapps.com/all/reference/actions/link-to-screen.

Anyway, to reuse a tab could be a good feature to take into account in the futur development of Glide. Just a suggestion!.


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