Critical Features that will save countless hours of development - Link to Tab Action + Reuse Forms

The link to screen action is incredible, but you can only choose from source tabs in the sheet. I think it would be AMAZING and help us avoid a ton of rework when we have an app that ends up with too many tabs or generally if we want to redesign the user experience, to simply be able to link buttons and inline list items with independent screen config to APP TABS and not just SHEET TABS. My use case: I made the mistake of creating multiple tabs visible only to the admin and now I want to put them all inside one admin tab, but I have to rebuild all of the forms and custom text components, inline lists, etc that lived inside each tab. So this is gonna be my Saturday! :upside_down_face: In complex apps, there would be many instances where over time there is a need to simplify the UX by reorganizing entire tabs.

Glide team, I challenge you to watch this 8 min video in its entirety and feel a tiny fraction of the pain I will experience spending hours rebuilding because we cannot currently link/reorganize entire tabs (AND REUSE FORMS) that we’ve already spent hours and days building! :weary:

By the way, this is not in any way a criticism, just an attempt to prioritize something that will surely be developed in the future! :blush:


I agree.
This would also make it easy to create different layouts and versions of the same tab.


This is truly a critical feature and would reduce the amount of work that is required to make a good app flow significantly and improve usability alot…

Like Deena, i spent (lost) hours because of this…

Also, alow us to save screens or single component configurations as templates…


Totally support this request as well.

Glide will most likely willl advise you to submit a new feature request via

I had a couple of relevant posts as well:

Meanwhile, my advice is to (1) Setup G.S. based on Objects & Records and (2) build recursive relations structure within Google sheet with more of arrayformulas/commands - this is what I ended up using for my first commercial app

Good Luck!


Please please please add the ability to save/re-use forms. I just ran into the issue today — I used the new ability to have different screen configurations from items in an inline list… though those screens are different, I want to include the same form button in each item details page so that I can link to my Contact Me form — which has a decent amount of configurations in it.


Please vote for the ability to link new tabs to existing screens (meaning screens that are existing tabs with their layout already set; not just to sheets, which we can already do, but then we have to do all the layout work).


Voted on it.


Just getting into glide but. was the vid pulled?