Re-using of forms

If I have a form on, for example TAB1, how can I make it available in TAB2?
My purpose is to make a generic form that can be used for all different events for registration purposes.

Thank you

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You can have only one tab that store all events and use the form for that tab, would it solve your problem?

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Please vote for this in the Feature Requests app. I added this a while ago: “Save layouts as templates”


I have tried

  1. setup a form that is generic and just click and use “choice” to list all available events to select and fill up their personal details. This is fine, but if we want as an option under each event, then we have to manually add the a new form.
  2. I made a TAB with the form that links to “event response sheet” and hid the TAB. Then I make a button from the event page that “link to screen” and goes to this TAB. But when click on this button it will go to the “event response”. However, it will list the all the responses.

Another other suggestions? Thanks

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I would like to ask for copying or reused form and tab I created. I have to create new one from scratch.