Forms — view all and/or connect the same ones?

I’m having trouble finding a spot to see all of the different forms I’ve made across the app. Is that possible?

Also, I’ve noticed copying buttons with a form makes a separate copy of the form so I assume when you update it, it won’t update across all of the instances of the form (correct me if I’m wrong). Is it possible to connect a new button to a form you’ve already made somewhere else?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, that’s correct.

Maybe you will have to use a custom form with the “show details screen” option to open that form.

If you know the fields you are writing to, you can go to the data view, choose the column containing that field and select the “Find all uses” feature to check the actions/forms writing to that column.

Thanks @ThinhDinh — I’ll look into custom forms more!

Regarding your last note,

this is helpful. Is it possible to find some sort of link to those forms and then use a “show details screen” or “go to link” action to send the user to a native form of Gilde (as opposed to sending them to a custom form)?

Thanks again!

I assume you ask for some sort of a fixed form link that you can use in an “Open Link” action, but unfortunately it is not the case for Apps, as I understand.

Forms in Pages do have their own URLs, though.

Got it; thanks, @ThinhDinh. I’m new to Glide; I thought the Pages and Apps parts of Glide all converted to each other seamlessly, but it sounds like that’s not the case (correct me if I’m misunderstanding, of course).

This is a bit of a tangent to my original question now, but can Glide apps still be accessed on a laptop/desktop computer (like through a browser or something)?

Yes, there are many different things about their components, as of now.

Yes, but the layout of a Glide app on desktop and a Glide page will look different.