Question about forms in Glide

Are all glide forms unique? Is there a way to use one form across different parts of the app?

I put together this chart to show the different types of forms I’ve come across in glide. And it seems to me every form is different which means you have to remake it every time. Even for the Add and Edit.

Is there a way to link to an existing form? I see there is a way to navigate to a tab but not to a form.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you will always have unique screens between Add, Edit, and Form.

I would have to double check, but I believe the Add and Edit layouts become attached to the sheet, so you should be able to access the same Add or Edit screen when accessing the same sheet data from different parts of the app…maybe not Add (not 100% sure), but for sure Edit is tied to the sheet. Form on the other hand will always have a unique layout for each form button you create.

As of right now, there is no way to reuse layouts unless it’s one that becomes attached to the sheet like I explained above. Details View layouts are the same way and are tied to the sheet. The only exceptions are detail layouts at the top level of a Tab or the top level of a Link to Screen action.


mmm, this behaviour has been one of the hardest things for me to wrap my head around with Glide, and I still struggle with it.

But, just reading through that it occurred to me that if you build your own form page based on a details layout, then (at least in some circumstances) you’ve essentially built yourself a re-usable form layout. Does that sound right?

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Yes, that would be true, but only if you are navigating to that detail screen through a list or something like a list relation. It won’t work if you use Link to Screen to a detail screen, because that’s considered a top level and has it’s own design.

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