Is it possible to reuse a form or custom action?

Hi, I want to access the same form from a couple of different places. I used a buttons and the action show form. I formatted this form to my liking. Now I want to access the same form from another button / link. But I am unable find a way to do that. I also tried creating custom action with show form inside and saving it. But I don’t see this saved custom action anywhere. Is it possible to reuse a custom action or a form?


For a form, you can right click on that form, copy all of its components and paste to the new form, but please make sure you set the new form to the same destination table before pasting things over.

Also, special columns (email, timestamp, unique ID) and screen columns won’t be copied over. You have to do it manually.

For actions, if it goes with the components you copy then you’re good to go, if you want to reuse that in another component you have to rebuild it, but I expect Glide to allow us to copy actions and reuse it somewhere in the app before the year ends.


Thanks, that helps! Would be great if Glide allows us to save and reuse forms and custom actions.


Hi Team,

Has reusable custom actions been implemented or do we still need to duplicate/maintain them manually.

I want to send data (logging) using a webhook based on when users are pressing different buttons. I have about 40 different trigger buttons. I don’t want to be updating 40 different webhooks eachtime I am making a change to the webhook

No, it’s not available as of now.