Custom form - restore/reuse "new screen"

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I’d like to assume I’m not the only one who wants to reuse customs screen, i.e. direct user to the same custom screen from different origin screens.

Hi all,
I’ve configured a single action following a button click. The action is set to open a new screen in a Glide Table which is used as a working table.

Now, I’d like to add another action for that same button, i.e. convent from single action to custom action.

The issue is that the screen I already created will probably get deleted once I change the action type.
Is there anyway to save a screen and/or a way to refer to the same custom screen again?
I’ve already tried to copy the components but it doesn’t seem to work. Not really sure what the copy/paste of the components actually used for if it’s just inside a specific screen.
Thanksstrong text

heh, this is precisely why I always use a custom action - even if it’s only something simple.
I’m afraid that copy/paste is your best option in this case. How well it works depends on how closely the underlying tables match. Worst case, you’ll at least get all of your screen components and you’ll just need to reconfigure them.

Actually, just having a closer look at your screenshots I can see that you’re using the same target table in both cases. So copy/paste should work fine.


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