Reusable New Screens like Reusable Actions

Was hoping if we can reuse the NEW SCREENS like how we have an option to reuse our actions. So that if we change anything on that New Screen, It gets changed everywhere it’s used just like how it happens on detail screen.

For now you can:

  1. Make a saved action that shows a New Screen.
  2. Customize that screen.
  3. Reuse that action.

Yep I know that. But I am showing that screen using two different actions.

You could make a 1 row working table and put a single value → whole row from your user profile table to that new 1 row table. Then inside of an action choose show detail screen → from user profile → single value 1 row working table.

Now you should be able to open the same screen from different parts of your app and any change to one of them would affect them all.


This is an amazingly useful technique.

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