Navigating to a screen from 2 separate items

I am trying to link a screen which is already completed from a second input but when I link the old datasheet to the new navigation action, it opens a blank screen. Do I just have to re-make the other page? Or is there a way link the input to the already made screen?

Can you show us some screenshots? What does the “second input” mean in this context?

Sure thing! I have attached screen shots here. Basically its an ultrasound app. Now there is overlap for certain ultrasound scans where you may use the same views when evaluating different parts of the body. I have a “Subxiphoid” page looking at the heart in a specific view. We also use this view to evaluate trauma patients as part of the “FAST” exam. I want to link both the cardiac section and the trauma section to the same “Subxiphoid” information screen.

FAST Nav selection.png


FAST list.png

Is there a way you can combine the two conditions? Then you wouldn’t need the extra Show New Screen branch.

I dont think so the options are from two completely separate data sheets

hmm, actions are attached to tables. So how is it possible for the same action to be attached to two different tables?

Well thats what im saying. Since they are two separate data sheets I dont think it would be an option to make it the same action

oh, are you using Show New Screen → This item, or Show New Screen → Some other table?

If the latter, and each is opening a New Sceen on a different table, then yes, you’d have to build each screen separately.

thank you, i am doing that. Ok I think I can fix this

Hey So it looks like when I have a list of items in a data sheet and then navigate to the details patient of “this item” that is shows the same page for every single navigation. Why is each selctions details screen the same?
nav ocular
retinal detach text
Different item same text

In order to make each item have a separate page I need to navigate to a new screen and make a new data sheet for each and every item

How do I make it so I don’t have to make each screen a new table?

You can use “Show new screen” for each action but you have to do a “Copy All” between all your screens to keep them in sync if they show basically the same info.

Have you considered “Show detail screen” and use your “if name contains…” logic to build visibility/filter conditions based on what you are doing to tailor the screen? In this case you have more logic in a given screen but you can re-use the screen without worrying about 'Copy All" to a new screen every time.

I used to have ‘New screen’ everywhere and did the ‘Copy All’ since it was so darn easy in Glide. Unfortunately any logic change had me hunting down every ‘New Screen’ to update it. By building a single detail/edit screen (or a handful depending on the number of tables) it minimizes the scaling issue of managing all the ‘New screens’.

I hope this make sense - in a nutshell try ‘Show detail screen’ or ‘Show edit screen’ in place of ‘Show new screen’. In the long run having logic (via Visibility and Filtering in one place (Edit/Detail screen) is much easier than ‘Show new screen’ everywhere. BTW…Glide makes it super easy and intuitive to create New Screens everywhere which is awesome but can also lead to support challenges as the App gets bigger.

BTW…I had the same issues using “Show new screen” (used it everywhere) and eventually revisited what I was displaying and why so I could use Action sequences to get the desired results. I like Action sequences (which are tied to tables) because in new Glide (I started under Glide Classic) they can be re-used so I can consistently apply the correct ‘screen logic’ anywhere within the App I am using the tables.

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