Preserve old action when converting to Custom Action

I have many customizations and “deeper” screens behind starting Show Detail Screen for Inline List.
Now I have to convert it to Custom Action, and all these screens will blow away.

Please consider converting existing action into Custom action where the first step is old action.

before converting. copy all elements (right-click) from the left side menu in the editor…
if you forget… luckily in the main editor you have a undo button

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Will it preserve deeper screens? I mean, I have some buttons on Details that go to new screens, etc.
I guess, yes. Thank you, Uzo.

Anyway, I think converting solves more situations and is easier & clearer for new developers.

it would be an impossible task to achieve… if every action in the editor will have separate undo and warnings… so for now, we can only stick to our experience and knowlage

I agree with you, but personally I’m very careful to always use a custom action, even if it’s just a single step.


the best practice is to hook actions to view details … and limit screen elements by filtering…
view details are like a function that can be called from any place in the App.
and always… no matter what… any actions…make as custom action, even if it’s just a one step. When you advance your App… you’ll see how useful it is to have a custom action that you can add more actions to it

Yep, right now, I also always start with Custom Action. This simple action was from the first days of development. And now I am stuck on the need to add the additional step.

Anyway backed up the app and tried to migrate to Custom action. So far seems that all buttons and the next screens are successfully pasted from Copy All.

Yep, definitely.