Actions don't save!

I’ve tried creating actions, but after I save it and then select the detail view, the action disappears!! Where are my actions and why don’t I see them, I’m using the free version

Hi @M_Mo,

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Unfortunately,After you create a custom action and change the Action to any other prebuilt actions the custom action that you have created disappears. There a reaquest to save them so we can use them in evertywhere on the app without makign it again!

Thank you


So just to make sure we understood you correctly, you created a custom action, then changed it to simply “Show details screen”?

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Yes, when I browse a different tab it removed my custom action automatically and switched it to detail page action. I fixed it by publishing the app and copying the URL of the action just incase (never tried), until then I had to keep running back and forth and created the action like 3 times.