Where are my saved Actions?

Are saved actions supposed to be added to the dropdown menu of possible actions, or are they stored somewhere else so that they can be applied elsewhere or in the future. Or is it that they are one-offs, and you need to recreate them each time?

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@Todd_Lichtenwalter This touches slightly on this subject Can We Re-use the same action in an app?

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Same questions for myself!?

I was not able to replicate their solution. I tried making an Action. Saved it. Then went to another button, selected Add Action and then typed in the name of the previous action. Nothing happened, it just saved the new action with the startup flowchart elements.

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yeah, as far as I’m aware there is no way (yet) to re-use custom actions elsewhere in your app.
I assume it might be a future feature, although I imagine it could get quite tricky as custom actions tend to be very specific to the context in which they are created.


You cannot yet reuse actions, but we’re working on some large changes to Glide that will allow this.


You know, I was thinking about this today. I was making a concept game with Glide and I needed to rebuidl huge action lists over and over.

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