Save custom actions for reuse in other tabs

With the possibility of copying tabs should come the copy and reuse of custom actions as I have 3 screens with similar functions but just a different sheet and it’s such a waste of time to have to do it all over

Reusable compound actions are going to be here very soon. Read more about the future of glide here

Any idea whats the ETA for this feature?




Where did you find that?

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This feature is so important and would save loads of time, please build ASAP. :pray:



The possibility to save custom actions is very important !!!

I accidently changed the style of a tab (from details to sth else to details), didn’t know that undo would have been possible, and now all custom actions are gone (replaced by an empty action called compound. +1day of work.

I now let the style section collapsed.
edit: discard changes would have also been possible :cry:

seems like not as soon as expected.
any news on reusing compound actions anytime soon.

This is painful not to have. Please sort ASAP.

Painful not to have because you are having to rebuild actions or because you changed the screen style and lost all of the components and associated actions.

When I’ve spent a lot of time on a details/custom screen, to back it up I’ll duplicate it, add a “Backup” prefix, and hide it.

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Because I have to rebuild them. Nice idea on the backup thanks.

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You can also duplicate an entire project to back it up, again by renaming it with a prefix. If necessary, you can do a “copy all” and “paste” of components, that’ll work across projects.

Not sure why this topic is categorized as “solved” but where it would really work for me is when I’m creating custom actions based on dates - this example is how I am tracking clicks on a button on a project to understand how many times each listing is accessed by users during each month. If I could copy the “formula”, then I would not have to recreate it every time I use it in a new setting. Copying the button only works if the data is the same, which it is not for many queries.


same, or almost same action need in different type of screen. so, it’s not possible make by copy whole component.

basic component can’t do complicated logic - so, custom action really help, and some time really complicated.

each custom action get a name. so, why we can’t choice from dropdown list one of existed custom action?

yes, it can be not proper for use (in case of different tab, component and so on) - but it’s responsobility of app owner. sometimes it have to be modified. it’s ok.

please do it.
this feature not exist.

This is shipped.


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