Move Single Action to Custom Action Editor for editing

Would be amazing if we could change an action we already set from single to custom without having to redo the single action already created.
Maybe take it into the action editor and then opt to delete it there if not needed.

It’s just too painful when we need to add actions to an old link to screen single action. The entire screen and what comes next have to be built from scratch.

Agreed! That’s why I always create a custom action for things that need to be built (specifically forms and link to screens). Converting them without rebuilding would be awesome. Same with buttons to button bars.


I try to always create a custom action as well, but every now and then while testing out some new ideas the flow takes me into a huge detailed screen before I pause to realize I have to go back and redo everything in a custom action.

Maybe this could be a simple fix for Glide if a single action could be pushed into the action editor to connect it with other actions.

I just pretend that the single action option doesn’t exist.