Duplicate a Component to Another Tab/Screen

I’m building forms and have many choice components that are very similar. Currently, I have to create each choice component from scratch. It would be very useful if I could create a component, configure it, then create multiple copies of it, and simply edit those copies.

I’ve seen other requests for this, but not lately. Would this be helpful to others?



This certainly would be a MASSIVE time saving addition to glide +1

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Yes PLEASE. I thought I had I requested this at one point too, but it might have only been in my head! Yes…copy component with option to copy to top or bottom of current list.

Here’s how this would be even better: :point_right:ability to right click a component from the list :point_left: and select “insert new component above”, “insert new component below” or “duplicate component” in which case it would insert a clone below the right-clicked component. This would be a massive time saver for sure!


oh yes please.

currently i have to re do the same thing for add, edit and layout!

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Can’t agree more!

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This would such a great time saving

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Echoing this request. I just finished a project and copying components would have made a HUG difference from saving time to ensuring accuracy on same elements across different screens.


i’m thinking this is similar to the currently existing copy icon on each component, right ?

i came back to this topic because i was searching if anyone has raised the ability to copy a component from one screen to another screen, and then in the destination screen configure the components data

Yes this would be a huge time saver. I created several trackers each with different choice components and recreating this would be really time consuming.

+1, I have a lot of Buttons and Form Buttons w/ multiple components and filters that I need to build from scratch each time!

@Francois1 we already can do it! :pray:t3:


Yep @Lucas_Pires you’re right and it’s very useful. But from my experience it would be great to allow copy/paste from different layout (inline list for example that you want to displayed from different tab/layout or even more the same form that you want to access from different touch point of the app). Especially with complex form (I mean with a lot of visibility condition) it’s time consuming.


Yes, should be great

Yes, exactly what @PlanetZero said :slight_smile:

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That would be great!

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I actually had a post regarding ability to copy form - not sure if this is on radar of development !


We need to be able to copy a component from one tab to another

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Should be amazing

Would like to bump this up. It’s super annoying to have to recreate the same component or form multiple times.
Use case: If you decide you want to move a component from one tab to another, your only option is to delete the existing component and rebuilt it from scratch on the next tab. If you change your mind, you have to do it again. :sweat:

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And to be able to duplicate entire tabs.
This is my dream: