Enhancement Request: Retain Components When Changing Target Table on Duplicate Tabs

When we duplicate a tab, there should be an option to retain the components on the tab while allowing us to change the target table of the tab. For example, right now if I have different copies of table A, all columns are the same except for a few minor changes in each copy. I build a tab (Tab1) and set TableACopy1 as the target table. After making a few minor changes, I set TableACopy2 as the target table of Tab2. I want to build an exact same Tab2 as Tab1 with the same components to observe the effect of the target table (TableACopy2) while still keeping TableACopy1 and its Tab1 components unchanged. Currently, Glide does not have this ability. We can duplicate the tab, but as soon as we change the target table, everything on the screen is gone which is very frustrating

Maybe you can try duplicating your tab first before you delete it, changing the source and copy-pasting all the components from the previous tab to the new tab.

I never deleted anything I duplicated it, but as soon as I change target table of this duplicated tab all components from screen are gone

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One more step, you need to duplicate the components too (select copy all in your left panel)

There is no such option

What you show is a duplicate tab not a component.

Yes, I copied them all, but pasting in the component section of duplicated tab with new target table doesn’t work. You can try it yourself.

Each header/table has its own unique identity. You certainly can’t expect without adjustment. I think the duplicate component option is the optimal thing that can be achieved. Maybe I’m wrong.

I’m not sure if you understood my question, but you can search for keyword “duplicate tab” in feature request section. Other users have also requested the same feature, so I am not the only one facing this issue.

What didn’t work? Obviously the pasted components may need some massaging, but this has mostly worked well for me when copying components to a new screen attached to a new table.

We understand what you are asking for, but trying to offer a reasonable alternative as well.

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He was panicking about his project. Need massage service. :grin:

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I feel your pain! I had the same frustration when I was trying to compare two versions of a table. I set up a tab for TableACopy1, then when I tried to switch it to TableACopy2, all my components disappeared. It would be awesome to have an option to keep those components while just changing the target table.

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Then please vote for this feature request

You need to vote for your request too :slight_smile:

I have - accidentally/stupidly - changed the source for a tab (too many times to mention) and lost all my components.

Now I duplicate the tab. Create a new one with the new source and go back and forth recreating everything. Since the components are tied to a specific table they all become invalid but It would be nice if the components would stay and I just have to updated the sources/columns used.

In this case Glide could/should take an inventory of your existing components and then recreate those in your new tab. Just the components - the developer can then fill in the data based on the new source table. Sounds like a great use case for AI.

Just a thought.