Duplicate a Component to Another Tab/Screen

That’s a great use case! Then you can test out different layouts of the same tab and hide the versions you’re not using or want to use later! :ok_hand:

I agree…especially when you have compound actions or link to screens attached to buttons and have to build out an entire SCREEN all over again.

In due time I’m sure.


Beside a better copy functionality I would like a group component where I can group some child components and set the visibility settings in the group container for the childs.

I often did the same settings for multiple components.

Or to group checkboxes and allow only one to be true would also be great.

Optional group title, collapse function… Diffrent styles…



+1 for the copy tab. When you link to another screen, it would be a real time saver to not have to build your screen from scratch, especially if it has a lot of components e.g. inline lists etc…

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I am tired of having to manually recreate tables… This would be really helpful! Also, +1 for copy&paste behavior.

bump up. I share the frustration.
I am new, created a list page, and would like to copy the settings of that list page to a menu tab.
so basically copy and existing page settings then paste it instead of starting from scratch.

Such a useful feature it could be and so many people interested… Yet no reaction?:frowning:

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This is a much needed feature!

Duplicating tabs is now possible ! :tada:

Where is the option to duplicate a table found? I’m not seeing it in the obvious places.

Thank you.

Duplicating a Glide table is still only a feature in staging. I don’t believe it’s possible in production as of yet. Duplicating a google sheet table can easily be done within the google sheet.

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Thanks Jeff, I was asking based on Aymen’s note above, but maybe I misunderstood what he was stating.

Yeah, he’s referring to tabs. Not tables.

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Wishful thinking early in the morning before caffeine.

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Definitely looking forward to duplicating Glide Tables, plus the original post request. I’m trying to make my apps with Glide Tables only, but am seeing some of the limitations.

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