Copying components across tabs? Tabs across apps?

I have 2 wants/needs that seem pretty related.

First, sometimes I want to pick and choose some complex components from one tab to another, but I see no route to do so. I can duplicate within that tab, or duplicate a whole tab, but not copy single components from one tab onto another. This would be a very helpful feature. Does it exist?

Second, after making a copy of my app, I lost a tab that I would like back, and it’s the most complex one and would take some time to reproduce, test, etc. Ideally I could just copy/paste it from my recent backup copy of the app. I see no path to do this, either. Does it exist?


It does not exist at the moment, the closest thing is some time later this year we might be able to reuse custom actions.

I don’t see a way to do this. Can you go into details about how you lost the tab though?