Saving a form and use it from multiple places

How can I save a form and call it from multiple locations within Apps?


This would be a great feature…you can’t. Currently, you have to recreate it.

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I have to go in and out to recreate the same form In each place it apears :frowning:

Yeah… recreating it is the only way. Would love to see a “copy existing form” ability with the added feature of being able to tweak the form based on where it’s found within the app.

Thank you all for your feedback. Actually, the ideal feature to have (which also address request above) is to ability to save certain component configuration as a “template” which user can apply in various locations within the app.

@Mark @david Guys, Thank you for the new Actions features. You guys are amazing.
Please if you can also implement using Form at multiple places, it is really needed.


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Yes, I agree. It should be a very nice feature (save form or save template)! Any hope on this update?

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It would be great to be able to copy forms!

Hi, has this feature been implemented yet? from a usability perspective it will save some time

No, but you can copy/paste components, which makes it a bit easier.


To copy a form:

  • Go to the form screen
  • In the screen panel on the left, right-click on any component and do “Copy all”
  • Go to the other form screen
  • Remove all components except one. Leave one that you know you won’t use in your form, like stopwatch or kanban
  • Right-click on that component and do a “Past”
  • Remove the component you won’t be needing (stopwatch or kanban).

Basically you’re copy-pasting components, you’re not really duplicating or reusing an existing form.

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A short note: You have to manually add the special values and the on-submit action if you do it that way. Only components on the screen will be copied over.