MY app Setting editing issue help

in my app i want the members who signed up to be able to edit their profiles. when i set it up they see my profile info… hmmm

Are you filtering by user email?

yes i believe id do have that set
or do you add that one too when setting the editing feature for the profiles

Can you show what you’re doing with some screenshots? If I can see how you have things set up I should know what’s wrong.

You are in the builder, previewing the app as yourself. That is how it should look.

ok and when i log into app yes i can edit my profile but also i can edit others so what am i doing wrong

Do you have 2 tabs set up to the same sheet? One in Detail style view and another in list view. Set email filtering and editing on the detail tab. Do not set editing on the details of the list tab.

trying it now ty

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i think that worked ty

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