Let users edit only their items

Edit form is not activated for all users.

When I enter in the detail information of a user and permit that user to edit his for, only him can edit his profile while others will not have that possibility. I am using the pro app

I will like to permit all users to be able to edit his form

Any help will be highly welcome

One way to do this would be by enabling row owners. Then you wouldn’t need any conditions on the edit form.


But the problem I encounter is that, when I create a new user, that user can not modify his profile after log in even though I have checked allow user to edit

Do you have a condition set on the edit option? Can you show what that condition looks like?


I only allow the signed in user to be able to modify his profile

That looks correct. Is the problem only for a few users or for all of them? Is it possible that the table has emails with uppercase or lowercase letters that possibly don’t match exactly how the email was typed when the user signed in?

For all the users. I really don’t no why it’s not working

So the user is signed into the app using the same email address that is in the data? Are you using any user specific columns? Have you previewed the app as one of those users? Can you share any screenshots of your data?