Unable to allow user edits or delete form


Im rather new to Glide and have several questions.

Right now Im trying to allow user edits, but the pencil in the upper right corner is grayed out. I have made one other application before and have not seen this problem.

I made sure all my columns I want editable by users to be check off as user-specific. I also made sure under profile to allow user edits. I also made sure that allow user edits was properly checked off under edit form. For whatever reason the pencil remains gray. Now I understands you can set conditions, but with the other application I made I did not need to set any for the pencil function to work. Also as a result to this I am unable to delete a form once it is created.

Any help would be appreciated.

If the pencil is grayed out, that leads me to believe that your screen is not attached to any rows. Does your table have any existing rows in it? Do you have any filters on your screen that would prevent it from attaching to an existing row? Do you have Row Owners applied to any columns in the table?

Hi there,

The only solution I found was to recreate my table and start again. I didn’t have much in it so it wasn’t an inconvenience at all. that resolved my issue.

I do have another problem if you don’t mind answering this.

How to I prevent cross-device syncing. If that is possible with Glide.

What I mean is I publish my app and share it with friends. They add things into said app and it appears on everyones devices and isn’t private or exclusive to that user. Is there a way to prevent that from happening so when a user makes changes it’s exclusive to them?

Depends on how your data is structured and how concerned you are with security.

Use User Specific Columns if a multiple users are updating the same row, but you want the values to be unique to each user.

Use Row Owners if each user is writing their own separate rows, but you want to guarantee security so they can you see their own rows. Requires a column with the signed in user’s email.

Use Filters if data security is not a concern and you simply want to only display rows for a particular user. Requires a column with the signed in user’s email.

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