Dodgy email address

Hi there… giving Glide a go… couple of head scratchers…

  1. I signed in on the phone app, and a dodgy email address shows up in the users table (Glide native, not sheets or other). Why?

  2. Is there any option to be able to edit all fields of a row via “allow user edits” option? Only the first field is offered for edit.

  3. I created buttons to delete rows, but then when switching “view as” and coming back, buttons are not visible anymore, under no view as option

  4. how the hell do I delete user from the users table (native)… I get no option to delete the entire row, just a tick box to select the row but nothing else


By “dodgy email address”, do you mean something like this?

It’s email anonymization.

You can add as many entry fields as needed for the edit screen, as long as it’s basic columns (not computed columns).

Please check if you have any visibility conditions for the button.

Click the “Delete” key on your keyboard.

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