Device Specific data?

How to I prevent cross-device syncing. If that is possible with Glide.

What I mean is I publish my app and share it with friends. They add things into said app and it appears on everyones devices and isn’t private or exclusive to that user. Is there a way to prevent that from happening so when a user makes changes it’s exclusive to them?

Oh wow. I’m very new to this and am having problems interpreting all this, but I will review everything and see what I can understand.

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Thank you for all the support. It is really appreciated.

I reviewed all of this and have a much better understanding, but am still struggling with one aspect.

When testing my app on multiple devices it is still creating and deleting/editing forms within a tab across users. I did figure out with user-specific columns that the edited information in the created form within the tab is in fact user-specific. Nonetheless, when a form is created within the tab it is not user-specific. Is there a formula that I can use that auto assigns a form to the signed in user that created it when creating a row so only they can see, view and edit that information?

Again, I greatly appreciate the support

Yes, when you are in the form, you can add a special value component, one of which is the signed in user’s email. Then you can either apply row owners to that email column, or filter your list to only show rows where the email is the signed in user.

If each user’s rows doesn’t need to be seen by other users, and you don’t need to aggregate any information from all users, then I recommend using row owners because it’s simpler and more secure because only the owned rows will be downloaded to a user’s device. A filter is less secure because all data is still downloaded, even though you only see filtered rows.

Would I be using Row IDs with this also. When I try this it does not seem to assign the signed in users email to the row owner column. Im so sorry. Im still trying to wrap my head around the basics. I really appreciate the support.

Row IDs and Row Owners are not related to each other.

Did you add the email special value component to your form?

Where would I find this value exactly? Would I navigate to them plus sign on the left within the form and screen edit function? Also would I then need to add an “email” column as the source?

Yes, you definitely need to have an email column. That will be the column that you assign row owners to.

To have it filled by your form, just add a special value component, just like adding any other component.

Thank you for the visuals! That is really helpful.

I get this message when I try to add a special value. Is this because I am a free user?
Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 3.37.22 PM

That means you are not currently viewing the form screen. You are viewing a list style layout screen. You need to be inside of your form to add the special value component.

As a side note, you can’t add additional components to a screen that’s set up as a list style layout. You can only add components on a detail, add, edit, or form screen.

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Oh wow! Thank you, Jeff! This worked!

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