How to restrict row deletion to row owners

I am allowing users to create new records and I want to allow them to delete those records as well.
Records include the creation user’s email, so I marked that column as Row Owners.

I am not being able to limit edition to row owners!
I add a condition but I cannot state something like: “email = row owner”.

HELP I just realized I could eventually limit edition but I cannot allow deletion.

Am I missing something?
Any ideas?


Email is signed in user should do the trick. The signed in user should only be able to access their own records, since you’re using Row Owners, so I think that should be all you need to do.

Delete condition shows up after you enable the edit condition. The same “Email is signed in user” should work there too.

Sorry, I realize I missed giving more details.
All users should be able to see all records but only delete the records they have created.
User 1 creates record 1
User 2 creates record 2
User 1 creates record 3

User 1 should be able to delete records 1 and 2
User 2 delete record 2
Both see all three records.

Ah okay. If everyone can access all info, then Row Owners isn’t necessarily needed.

Just make the edit condition Email is signed in user OR Email is User 2 (the administrator)… or whatever you need.

You can also create an array of emails that have editing access. Create columns with names Email 1, Email 2 and insert the two users who are able to Edit/Delete each row of data. You should be able to point your edit condition to this array of emails to have different editors per row, if needed.

“Row Owners” restricts access to the entire row to the designated row owner only.

Great. Almost there!!
How do I make the edit condition Email = signed in user?

Have you configured User Profiles for your app?

No but I will right away!!! Yeah!! Thank you so very much :slight_smile:

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No problem!