List of events - Everyone can see, only owner can edit

I have a list of events. Originally, all users can see the list of all the events. Once I added the owner column (so the creator can edit), the event disappeared from the list for all other users. Now only the owner can see (and edit) the event. I don’t have any filters set. The only thing I’ve added is the owner column.

I need the owner to edit, but all users still needs to see the event in the list.

Any ideas?

If you want all users to see all events, then you don’t want to use Row Owners. Instead set the condition on the edit option to only show the edit button if the event email is signed in user.


Setting the Row Owner affects total access to the row in question. Only the designated row owner will see the row. In fact for a non-row owner it will not even be downloaded to the device. This is a powerful feature (for security) once you understand how it works. Use a visibility condition instead if you just want to enable / disable editing for certain users (but again ensure that you read the Glide Security Guides if you need to strongly enforce this rule).


Perfect! I wasn’t sure if Glide would track the event email without the owner column. Thanks!

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