Correct row deletion without row owners

Hi there! I’m quite new to Glide, but I have a question I couldn’t figure out.
Currently using Glide pages (not glide app), not sure if there’s a difference in features.

But simply put, I’m looking for a way to do this:
Rule 1
User 1 creates record 1
User 2 creates record 2
User 1 creates record 3

Rule 2
User 2 should be able to delete record 2
User 1 should be able to delete record 1 or 3

Also an Admin (not user) to be able to see all record

Right now
I can currently achieve adding/deleting the same record by using ‘row owners’. But then Admin cannot see any records.
If I turn off ‘row owners’, then when User 2 deletes, it’s deleting the latest record of User 1…

I’m stumped. How can I achieve this?

Thanks for any help in advance.

Does that admin change over time or can multiple people be admins?

If the admin is just one fixed user, in the form to create new records, you can add that fixed email to another column and set row owner on that column. Row owners can be set to multiple columns in a table.

Hi! Sorry for the slow reply, I’ve been playing around more and reading up on row owners to make sure I understood properly.

In short is that there are multiple Admins and multiple users. But any Admins should be able to see all records. Users only need to see their own record.

I’ve also seen that Array column was used in some other examples, I think can allow multiple people own the same record. But I’m using Glide Tables not Google sheet so I don’t think it works. Would “Role owner” solve this problem?

Thanks again.

Yes, it sounds like you need Roles as Row Owners. Glide supports this, but only with Private Pro apps at the moment. So if you want that, you would need to be willing to pay for it.

Edit: oh, I just noticed that you’re using Pages. But the answer is essentially the same. Once you upgrade, you get access to Roles.

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