Edit and delete

I want every new user In my app to edit or delete their content but not others, however the owner should have the ability to do both. What should I do?

make a condition that if the user profile email is signed in user OR the email is the owner (Admin) email.

I have tried this but still it shows edit option to other signed in users to also edit others data

the item you are editing has a user email? maybe you are taking the email from the Users sheet… not the item sheet

Yes I am taking from the user sheet. What should I do?

then, of course, everyone will be able to edit, because in the Users profile the email is theirs…
what you need to do, whenever you are adding a new item, you have to add the user email to that item… then you have the real item owner to check

can you please further elaborate if possible ?

show me the sheet where you keep the items list, and tell me how do you add new items.

add a new column (email type) and enter for each item the email of the user who add it… also you need to add a column Row ID

The users are all new should I make a relation column then

no, what do you mean all new?

I mean I don’t have users email list. there will be signed in users

that means all items are yours… add your email for each item

Thanks a lot

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don’t forget to add the Row ID column… you will need it for relations later…

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