Allow users to edit their own profiles only

My app has an employee directory for team members to browse other members of a big remote team. Each user should be able to edit their own profile, but not other members’ profiles. I tried edit form when “admin rights is email”, but it doesn’t to the trick as it doesn’t restrict editing. I then tried row owner, but then I cannot see the other members in the directory, only my own profile. Any solution to this that allows seeing other members but only editing their own profile?

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Row owner should do the trick. If you switch the “preview as” in the editor you should be able to see the user profile of whoever you are viewing as.

If you want to see everyone’s profile as an admin you could make a second row owner column with your email in every row.

Do you have multiple admins in your app? If yes it would be a little bit tricky, else you can follow Eric’s advice above.

Yes, I have several admins. And I would like every member to be able to see everybody else’s profiles at a glance in a tile list. Profiles are grouped by company/location.

So row owners shouldn’t be used.

What you want is allow editing when email is signed-in user OR admin is true (if you’re using a boolean).


Perfect!! :grinning:

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