How do I make it so users can only edit or delete items referenced to their profile?

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I’m building a local community app (similar to Facebook) which allows users to add items for sale in an in-app marketplace. I’ve set it up with relations so that each item for sale is related to each ‘profile user’ or ‘account holder’ - however, at the moment it appears that ALL users are able to EDIT and DELETE any listing they like and not just the items they created/added.

Is there a way to enable users to ONLY edit or delete items referenced to their profile?

Thanks in advance!


P.S New to Glide and I love it!

Welcome…have a look at this

I would first turn off editing for items in your marketplace sheet. Then I would create a new tab that points to the same marketplace sheet. Turn on editing and filter by signed in user for that new tab. This ‘My Stuff’ tab will only show a list of items that the signed in user created. Your regular marketplace tab will show items from all users, but only in view mode. This should work, but an alternative is to create a new sheet that’s a duplicate of your marketplace sheet to use for viewing only. The original sheet could be used using the above method for showing only the signed in user’s items and allowing them to edit their own items.

in this profile edit will overlap to sign up profil user because it want edit two photo profile

I think it more simple and easy if it has a direct option “allow only signed-in user can edit”.
We hope like it.