Securing data by row owner / user type

I have 2 user types in my pages app and I would like each user to only see a “thing” if they are a row owner.

The thing has a create by email address and a used by email address - I then link each of these to a User via a relationship field. I set the email address fields to row owner.

How do i set the data to only be visible to people listed as a created by or used by row owner?
How do i set add/edit/delete permissions for each of the types of owner?

I cant find any docs on this - the ones i found are for mobile apps and im not getting the options they show. If I have missed the docs or there are some videos explaining this i would appreciate it - thanks!


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With the setup as you’ve described it, you should already have that. With Row Owners applied, each users device will only download those rows for which the user is an owner.

You can do this by setting conditions on your Add/Edit/Delete actions.

In this case, the docs apply equally to Apps and Pages.

Do you mean multiple people can be listed as “used by”?

add another row owner column