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Maybe answered before, i am new and very inexperienced. I have created an app and upgraded to pro, my app allows users to make selsctions similar to a fantasy sports type thing :grinning: but very basic. I want to be able to stop other users from changing other peoples selections. I am struggling with this adding user thing. But is there an easy way of soing this, maybe i need to get someone from glide to help, how does someone do that also?

Hi, @Phil1 ,

Generic answer since I don’t know how you are building your app.

You can control the access for editing by using row owners and conditions/filters that something can be edited only if the row owner equals the logged in user. That way, when Bob is logged in, he can edit his sports team, but he can’t edit Fred’s.

Do you have row owners or user-based filters, to make sure each user can only see/edit their own things?

Hello! thank you for taking the time to respond to me. I dont have row owners, the app is live but not in use yet. I am using google sheets. So at the moment people have to log on using email, i dont save the emails, so i guess to make row users i need to save the emails, complete novice, im sorry

I dont because i really dont know what they are or how to use / add them. Never used google sheets before and bundled my way around glide so far with some degree of success. If i can figure this piece out i reckon i have something usable for what i need.

Please check this out.

That’s assuming users won’t need to see other users’ records.

You must collect the user’s email when they log in, and record that email to records they add to use this.

Row owners worked a treat! Thank you all.

Thank you very much. Do you know of a way to take away the pin option when signing in with email?

That’s not possible.
You can allow for Google Authentication as an extra option, but you cannot remove the PIN option.

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Thank you.