Show only some rows of a sheet based on a column value specific to a value in a user profile

I have created an app for students to view videos based on subject and their grade.
I have a sheet containing a list of videos with one column named Grade storing the value of the Grade level for each video, and another column named Subject containing the subject for each video. I am collecting the grade and subject values from the user during onboarding and storing it in User profile(its a Public Pro app). Once they are into the app, I would like to show only those rows from the Video sheet as tiles for which the grade and subject matches the information in the User profile for that user. I am not able to figure out how to have visibility conditions for rows, as I can only do filtering, and in filtering, I am not able to go to User profile. Please help.

You can access user profile data in the second field. The first field of the filter should be restricted to screen columns.