Text Data to Show To All Users with Certain Visibility Conditions

I am trying to accomplish a screen that displays text to certain users with set visibility conditions and without editing rights, unless you are in a certain role. I tried both Row Owner and User-Specific, but notice that even when I try changing visibility, the screen will still not display components. I have a button that links to specific users text in a column. This is the column that the “Row Owner” would enter, but then, I need their data displayed only to users with visibility rights. This has to be possible. I can been able to group users and have them see only certain information. I know certain editing rights and those changes update, but what about “Notes” entry? I think that would be to small to fit on the screen and required users to perform another action to see data. If I totally lost you, let me try again. It needs to act as if, one admin creates the menu for certain visibility conditions allowing viewing of all items without all admins changing each other’s data. :laughing:

Row Owner rows are specific and visible to only those that own the row. User Specific column values are specific visible to only the one user who populated the value. Neither are meant others, who are not the user or row owner to see.

If I understand correctly, visibility settings for components bit editing rights should be controlled by some column value in the user profile sheet. Just set up your visibility conditions to check a value in the user profile.

PS, screenshots help a lot to visualize what kind of problems you are running into.

Sure, here you go.

Do you actually have data in those columns?

Yes, I entered data for 2 different Users. What is also odd, it pulls data from the first row. I was thinking about creating a sheet without any relation columns, etc, and only have a text column. And, no specific row ID. And, it pulling in one specific user’s profile information or again, data related to the very top user in not public profile sheet, but not a sign on profile sheet. I just deleted the column with the Row ID, and it deleted not the Row Header A:(whatever), but it did delete that specific User in the 2nd row.

Because your link to screen action points to the Sheet, it will always default to the first row.

I’m still not very clear about what you’re trying to do here with the button, what does your “Agenda 3” Sheet contain?

Then in the link component, it points to the video but in your screenshot the right hand side panel shows that there’s no data in the column. I assume it’s the same case for the learning framework column.

:sweat_smile:OMG! I just figured out what I was doing…lol…Everything had to do with my style choices. I understood visibility conditions, but it was all about my style. Now, I can delete so many unnecessary sheets. And, maybe get some sleep… :crazy_face: