Visibility with owners


I’ve got a database with 4 owners.

When i set the visibility with a condition about the first owner (the first row that is a row owner), everything is alright. But when i want to set the visibility by testing if one of the others is a Signed-in user, it does’nt work.

In this exemple, i want to hide a component.

Thank you.

Can you say how it “doesn’t work”? Shouldn’t you be able to choose the other columns through that column dropdown?

I mean, when i check if the signed-in user is the MA Mail owner, with this “condition”, the component shouldn’t be visible, but it is.

As I’m aware, the visibility option will not affect your app if there are RowOwners. If you set your visibility to “is not the signed-in user”, it is logical that nothing will be shown since users are RowOwners. Isn’t that right @ThinhDinh ?

Visibility comes after row owners so it shouldn’t be affected by row owners.

So David, just to confirm, that hint component should be visible when MA Mail isn’t the signed-in user, but it is still visible?


I’ve got 3 Row Owners (Yes, 4, because sometimes, there are 2 teachers). The first one, the student. The second one is the teacher. The third one is a mentor in a company. I’ve got a screen in/on which i’d like to show or to hide components if it’s the student, the teacher or the mentor.

When i check/test (with) the first row owner, i can control the visibility. But not with the others.

I give you an example :

On my device (the same on my computer), the component is not visible (i 'am connected with the MA Mail adress).

It was a bug. I duplicate the component, i had the same issue. I’ve created a new component, same type, and it’s OK.

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