Visibility and multirow owners


I’d like to hide a menu item (or a tab), but the condition doesn’t allow me to get the result.

  1. I’ve got a Pro App.
  2. One of my menu items has a “Condition” to be “Visible”.
  3. There are 3 columns with a row owner attribute on each.
  4. I’m logged as a mentor/tutor (the 2nd column with a row owner attribute)
  5. The condition to make the menu item visible is to test the adresse mail of the sign in user (only the student should see the menu item), but it doesn’t work. Even with an email adress which is not in ma table, i can see the menu item. Any idea of the issue ?) :

Tab visibility is always going to use the user profile record of the signed in user. Checking if the user profile email for the signed in user is the same as the email of the signed in user, is kind of redundant because it’s always going to be true. You should be checking for a user type in the user profile instead of email.

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Merci. I gonna use a condition to show/hide buttons with different actions.

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