Visibility Error!? What am I missing?

So…I CANNOT figure this out. What am I doing wrong?

I’m trying to have a simple visibility formula. If person’s cell equals TRUE, then show this button. If false, don’t show it.

Right now it’s showing up for everyone.

Help! :slight_smile:

Here’s the other image. I have the other people showing as nothing. I’ve refreshed multiple times.

The account that’s currently showing “Bites” should NOT be showing that button because the visibility is set to Show if it is “TRUE”.

Which table is the column in? Are you using row owners for table at all? Are there any filters on your screen?

Table is Users. Row owners based on email. No filters.

So, If I’m understanding correctly, you are previewing as the second user (Bites). When you look at the table in the glide data editor, do the other rows appear to be greyed out (meaning row owners is in effect)? Is everything else on the screen referring to data from that second row?

I have three users. For two of them the column says true in the cell. I made the button’s visibility to show up if the sell “is” “TRUE”. However, all three still show up. Make sense?

What table is that screen built on? Is that the Users table? Can you take a screenshot of the data in the Glide builder data view, not the Google Sheet?

Yes, I understand the problem, but I’m trying to diagnose if the first and third rows are greyed out, meaning that row owners is properly applied, and if you are in fact displaying data from the second row on your screen.

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