Why this is happening

I have 3 users in my business user table.

,check i have selected the users in view as user,based on the user selection,it displays the products.

But if i select,Manikandan it displays,but if i immediately select manikandan1 it not displays the product n if i select viji it displays n then if i select manikandan1 it displays,why it is not displaying after Manikandan.

Any time you have restricted visibility, it is best to check it on a device. Using the “view as” has limitations – one being that all the data is available in the builder no matter what Row Owners, Etc, may be applied. In other words, results may be indeterminate in the builder. That has been my experience.

If you believe this should not be happening in the builder, knowing what visibility settings you’re applying would help us to figure it out. A video typically works better than a series of screenshots.

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I will give you a video, don’t worry.
I didn’t check in the mobile,will check and revert you.

There is nothing in the visibility but i used row owners in the email column.Thats all i given.

How often do you find this occurring? So far I haven’t had issues with the view as options.

It’s often row-owners and roles. Check your roles. And see if the data is greyed out in the data editor for the different roles that are not displaying.

Also, check user specific columns and if the settings are correct for each user.

Good luck @Manikandan_R