Visibility Conditions Only Working For Certain Users

Hi all, I have at least one visibility condition issue, possibly more but won’t know until I solve this one.

I have a button “X” that is to show when certain conditions are met. Conditions are as follows:


Now this works for two users. For two other users, the button does not become visible, even when the conditions are met. Is this a bug? Am I missing something?

So the Relation is not empty AND The ParentID is not empty for all users?

Does your task table use row owners? Do the user’s with problems have any rows in the Task table that they own?

Hi Jeff,

Correct, for whichever user, this button will show when the relation is not empty and the parentID is not empty.

Our task table does not use row owners. Parent ID is a unique assigned value provided by a button and then the relation value is based on user specific answers from another table.

Have you previewed as those two users in the builder? When you do that and view the two columns in the data editor, what does it look like?

Any additional screenshots would be useful.

Hi Jeff,

I have previewed as both of those users and I can’t get the button to appear. Here is what it looks like on one of the users that works and one of the users that doesn’t.

Working User


Non Working User


Nothing is jumping out to me. Can you show how the relation is configured and maybe a shot of the task table?

My suspicion is usually with the relation and with row owners because it can falsely show unowned rows in the data editor. The data editor basically ignores row owners, but the front end honors them, so it can be misleading. It may seem like it’s working in the data editor, but reality there is no accessible data, so it does not work.

Here is the relation configuration:

Here is the task table:

I assume your screen is built exactly on that one-row table? Do you have any filters on the tab level for that screen?

As far as I know, I do not have any filters for this screen. You see what I see for this table. There are more columns to the right, do you need to see those?

One thing we haven’t touched on yet…what does the button actually do? Is it possible that it is not able to perform it’s action, so it becomes hidden?

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The button moves to another tab/page when clicked on

So it’s just a ‘Go to Tab’ action? It’s not a custom action with some sort of condition that will only execute the action of a condition is met?


Above is the action page for the button

Hmm, I’m out of ideas. Based on what I’m seeing, you have everything configured correctly. My only thought is that something is not working because of the use of user specific columns, but that really shouldn’t be the case and should work as expected.

I guess a couple of thing I would try is to recreate the relation and/or the parent id columns. You could also try duplicating the app and see if the duplicate works any better.

I don’t know. This may have to go to Glide support unless someone else has any ideas.

Thanks so much Jeff, I appreciate the help. I’ll go ahead and try reaching out to Glide support.

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Sorry I couldn’t help

If a Go to tab action is not visible, there’s a chance that tab isn’t visible to the signed-in user.

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