Relation is not working or showing

simplifying I’m gonna give an example:

I have a set of data on who another person is the owner.
I have a profile tab who another person can check if the name will be available or not.

I created a column type relation


after that I created a column type Lookup to bring the checkbox is the name will be available or not.

Now, even if I’m not the owner of the records or row, I’d like to see the name of owner if this ower checked name_available on his profile.

What´s happing is that it´s showing only if the owner is the user-logged.
When the user-logged is different from the owner, even if the checkbox on his profile is available, it´s not showing the field name.

What´s wrong? Thx in advance

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What’s the visibility condition you have for that field?

That´s the point. I was filtering the field in Portuguese “Perfil_Visível?” onde Lookup Column type equal TRUE.

But today, I delete this condition and nothing happen, I mean, even if the owner of records (another person, not me) set on his profile the checkbox visible YES, it´s not showing the name or e-mail for this person (the owner)

Thx in advance for your reply.

Can you give more details about the flow? So a user sees another user’s profile and wants to view the other user’s profile details. They click on the item and only if the profile owner sets name visibility to true then other users can see it?

Ok I’m sorry maybe my English is not so clear.
Let´s see.

I create my profile and check the box on setting that my profile will be visible.
I create a record in a list.

you log in and see this list and one of records u select my record and details and also see my photo +name (relation field).
supposing that I update my profile uncheck the field “visible”, u gonna see my record but u won´t know who is the owner of that record.

Got it?

You’re letting the user see the record owner’s info via an inline list/relation, is that correct?

yeap. I’m letting the user see the record owner´s via list and besides the details of the records, I could see the picture of the owner if the owner set on his profile is available. I’m gonna try to show.


the owner on this case is Vanessa

note that is showing her own profile (relation field)

When I change the user logged, the relation field disappear but we now know that this record is of Vanessa.

Did you enable Row Owners on the profile sheet? If you did, no other user’s will have access to another user’s profile information because Row Owners is a security feature that prevents other user data from being loaded on device, and as a result, it doesn’t show for anybody except the signed in user that matches the relation you want to view.


Thx so much for your help. I thought sth like this but I guess I didnt let´s say , promoted the owner of row.
Check it out.


I mean, I expected to see the information of other users, using the relation column.

man, after u replied now I saw. I set owner row in the user profile table. maybe u r right.


what a pity! i´d like to show the information. what u suggest? I tried to remove and all information of this tab (user profile) disappeard than I set again, log off, log in , everything was back!

thx so much for your kindness.

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u was right! what I did? I create a copy of user profile tab without the owner row set and it´s done!
thx so much! pls be patient, I’m still learning!


First, removing row owners will make the data look like it has disappeared, but it is still there. You just need to refresh your browser after removing row owners and everything will reappear.

Second, I agree, a second copy of the user profile sheet is a way around this. If there is no personal information, then you can simply use the original user profile sheet without the second copy and remove row owners. As I said above, it does not remove any data and a browser refresh will make it reappear. A second copy sheet is only needed if your first user profile sheet contains private information that cannot be shared. The second sheet can be created with a query to only pull in the columns that are needed and that can be made public. You could also make an exact copy and use the protected column option to hide data in the second sheet that is not needed.

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